When:    Friday 01 December 2017
Time:     12:00 pm – 2:15 pm AEDT

Where:  The Hotel Windsor: 111 Spring Street, Melbourne CBD

Keeping yourself at the edge - Relevant, Effective and In Demand!


A Strong Brand is not an option.... It's a REQUIREMENT!

IF YOU want to Stay Relevant, Effective and In Demand


One of the most overlooked aspects of social media is the power of the personal brand. Many business leaders wrongly assume that personal branding is only for those looking to be famous or become a social marketing guru.

Your brand is how you appear to the world. If you don’t develop your own brand others will do it for you.


Brands, corporations, organisations, small, medium and large businesses are made up of humans.

Humans that affect your brand daily.

The question is, how do you and your business become more recognised?  

How do you build your authority and your following?

This session is all about YOU

Take the opportunity to pause and reflect, and to spend time thinking about where you are in your career.

What are your objectives, goals, aspirations and intent, and what is your ‘value proposition’ for the future, whether you are a leader, or on your way up the ladder.

The pace of change is accelerating, for you, your colleagues, customers and in business generally. Business models are being revolutionised, with old being replaced by new. It’s an incredibly exciting time to be in business.

It’s also a very challenging time. We have to keep evolving — as businesses and individuals — to be able to deliver a meaningful and valuable contribution to growth.

Find out how to ensure that YOU are working on yourself to ensure you deliver the best of you, today and tomorrow!

Vital Learnings on how to keep delivering Maximum VALUE! 

Chris Savage will share 10 Powerful Leadership Lessons from the fontline

  • explain how to evolve your ‘brand’ and ‘offer’ to be at the leading edge of your industry 

  • show how to embrace change

  • how to play your role in helping your organisation evolve so it can keep thriving in disrupted times

Chris Savage will share his story and his passion about learning, growing and working to be the best you can be

  • Prepare to be challenged to help others to achieve their full potential by thinking new, thinking big, and thinking quick!

Keynote Speaker

Chris Savage

Managing Director, The Savage Co

Chris Savage is one of Asia Pacific’s leading communications industry and professional services growth experts.

Formerly Chief Operating Officer of STW Group, the largest listed marketing content and communications services group in the southern hemisphere with $500 million in annual revenue, Chris has also held senior positions with leaders of the PR industry over a 25 year PR career.

A much sought after speaker and trainer, you can get a taste of Chris’ approach to life when you can visit his blog,

Wrestling Possums, at chrisjohnsavage.com