When:    Tuesday 13 September 2018
Time:     08:00 am – 9:15 am AEDT

Where:  The Hotel Windsor: 111 Spring Street, Melbourne CBD

Technology Manifesto for Victorian Government 2018-2022

Tech 4 VIC

Tech 4 VIC Manifesto Launch


InterAct Melbourne is coordinating the production of a Technology Manifesto to be presented to all candidates from all parties in advance of the election on 24 November 2018.

Melbourne State Election Special

The Election on 24 November will determine the direction and priorities of the Victorian government until November 2022. 

At the forefront of all party campaigns will be policy proposals on Health, Education, Transport, Environment, Triple Zero and Social Services.  In a world where policy failure can cost lives or millions of $’s, technology must paramount in (evidence based) policy formulation, program execution, monitoring, reporting, testing and appropriately agile amendment.

Technology is essentially the fuel policy needs to build and deliver predictable and desired policy outcomes.…. so, in Victoria, why is technology a political and priority afterthought?  Why will it be covered in 20 words in para 4 on page 26 in most manifesto or policy platforms?

Interactive Breakfast - Join us for your say!


Tech 4 VIC is seeking to raise the profile of all aspects of technology thinking and capability in the Victorian Government.

Proposing a significant boost to digital government capability, increased investment and a dedicated IT Minister in cabinet.

We invite anyone wishing to contribute to the discussion or content to attend this session

Your contribution can be included into the Tech 4 VIC manifesto. In advance of the forum written contributions are welcome by email to: interactmelbourne@mail.com by COB Monday 10 September 2018.

Representatives nominated as being technology spokespeople from all currently elected parties are invited. Should they accept the breakfast will conclude with a moderated 20-minute Q&A panel.

Forum Facilitator

A Technology Manifesto for Victoria's 2018 Election

Tom Tomin 2.jpg

Tom Tomlin

Public Sector Specialist

Tom has worked in various capacities with the Victorian Government on technology for more than 20 years, following military service in the UK.

Well connected at C-Level in Government and in the IT industry across Australia, Tom is a public speaker covering government technology strategy.

Tom is a big believer that any government can be more efficient, more productive and even more popular if the government embraces the capacity that technology readily offers.