Anita Bowtell

mobile:  +61 (0) 408 773 449

CEO InterAct Melbourne

Consultant | Customer Experience Awards Assessor

Customer Experience Advocate & Industry Ambassador

Highly regarded in the industry, Anita consults to multinational and national businesses across public and private sectors, and has held professional business roles with national and international organisations in recruitment, telecommunications and vendor supply.


A Customer Experience Ambassador, Anita relishes the opportunity to enhance the CX for organisations and individuals, coupled with her Business Strategy experience, functional specialisation in marketing, business development and management.

Actively involved in driving strategy and vision, Anita’s career demonstrates visionary leadership, in roles as Founder, Co-Founder, CEO, VC, President, Non-Executive Director, Director and Company Secretary. 

A passionate advocate for Customer Experience (CX), Anita delights in working with organisations to assess CX strategies by conducting Health Checks and Recertification to International Customer Service Standard (ICSS).

As Founder and CEO of InterAct Melbourne, Anita facilitates B2B thought leadership networking and information sharing forums, connecting Australian Businesses from diverse industries and sectors, to gain insight from industry specialists who discuss topical CX issues facing the business community.

Anita is also well known in the Asia Pacific Region;
As Co-founder Asia Pacific Contact Centre Association Leaders (APCCAL)
A strategic advisory board launched in 2008, to position the APAC Region globally as a commercially viable Contact Centre proposition, promoting business and employment opportunities in the Region/Industry.


As APCCAL Vice Chair (2013-2015) Anita Co-authored and facilitated the iplementation of the APCCAL Constitution to establish robust association governance. Anita was awarded Life Membership by her peers for her contributions and is currently APCCAL Vice Chair for a second term. 

As an International Awards Judge, Anita is regularly invited to assess annual corporate and individual CX best practice, for the past 10+years for individual in-country associations in Asia and Australia.

In a dual role as part of the APCCAL Executive Steering CoM, Anita continues to manage the governance of APPCAL and acts as APCCAL Awards Chair, leading a Sub-Committee, created to establish and implement an Annual CX Awards Program, to reward and recognise best practice for the CX industry sector in the APAC Region, launching in Bangkok 2007.

In Australia, as President Customer Contact Management Association (CCMA) (2007-2014) Anita lead the Australian CX Industry body for 7.5 years for industry members, working with Government and Industry Leaders, promoting key initiatives to enhancing the perception of the industry as an employer of choice. During this period, Anita was awarded Life Membership and recognised globally for her industry contributions, before a 2014 strategic industry review, resulted in Anita being instrumental in taking the CCMA through merger discussions.    

Auscontact Board Member/Non-Executive Director (2014-2017), Anita co-authored the Board Charter and the scope of work to structure Auscontact, participated as a Strategic Advisory Board member to enhance Auscontact’s Member proposition and held a dual role as Company Secretary for 11 months.

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