AI & Ethics

When:    Friday 23 August 2019
Time:      12:00 pm – 02:30 pm pm AEDT

Where:   The Hotel Windsor: 111 Spring Street, Melbourne CBD

2 Course lunch and beverages provided

The Future of Customer Experience

Implementation of Artificial Intelligence is disrupting Customer Experience!

The science of using computers to mimic decisions of the human mind is a technology that is accelerating digital transformation of the Customer Experience (CX) across many industries.
Whilst Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for many decades recent advances in computing power has enabled AI as an essential tool to achieve success of the new digital economy in our increasingly connected world.

But how trustworthy is AI? Who governs the credibility of the data that feeds the machine? How do we spot, monitor and eliminate human bias within that data? How do we manage the ethics around AI’s outputs?

As AI evolves, so too will its impact on our everyday lives.... what we buy, what we see and potentially what we think.

Raising ethical questions and challenges around the ultimate influence of the CX and decision making process.

Industry Specialists

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Russell Ives

Managing Director, Accenture Operations, Australia and NZ 

With 25+ years experience in Consulting, Systems Integration, IT and Business Process Outsourcing, Russell has  work with Australia’s leading companies across multiple industries, delivering industry-leading processes, innovations, services and expertise to his clients.

​Russell's specialities include Shared Services, Business Process and IT Outsourcing, Process Transformation and Innovation, the key elements of Accenture’s approach to High Performance Operations.


Russell has Bachelor and Masters degree from the University of Melbourne.

Forum Facilitator

Probir Geoffrey Dutt

Industry Specialist, Advisory Board Member, InterAct Melbourne 

A seasoned technologist specialising in robotic automation, data analytics and artificial intelligence.


Probir will take our four Industry Specialists through a panel discussion to get their take on the disruption the AI Evolution is making on the Industry and the Customer Experience.

Henry Dobson

Founding Director, The Institute of Technological Ethics 

Specialising in the applied ethics of technology, The Institute conducts in-depth research on topics and matters pertaining to the ways in which modern technology is impacting the our social and political landscape.

In collaboration with business and industry experts, The Institute draws on the latest academic research, and assists technology companies to understand and apply ethics in the design and development stages of new technology products.

The Institute also works with Government on regulation matters to understand the social, political and economic risks associated with regulating technology, implementing methods to oversee the potential real-world risks with products post-deployment.

Dev Mookerjee

CTO, IBM Watson Solutions, Asia Pacific

A frequent keynote presenter and panelist, Dev leads the most experienced Artificial Intelligence team in the Asia Pacific region. Dev and his team’s mission is to help enterprises harness the capabilities of AI to grow today and in the future.

Dev has nearly two decades experience in the Asia Pacific region as a technology leader in advanced analytics, machine learning and AI. He has worked with clients across all the major industry sectors. Before joining the Watson team, Dev was a IBM Global Technical Ambassador on Social Media Analytics.

Daniel Robathan

GM, Global Lead, AKQA, Asia Pacific

A digital leader who believes passionately in the continued application of design thinking and technology to make organisations and things work better.


Daniel is interested in humans interaction into technology and believes that understating that intersection is the key to driving positive change within organisations.