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The team at InterAct Melbourne are monitoring the COVID-19 situation very carefully.

The safety and wellness of our Community is at the forefront of our decision making and as such, we have postponed our face-to-face activities until we have greater clarity on when it will be safe to resume.  We hope you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy.

Thank you for your support and understanding in this time of uncertainty.

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Arron Wood

Deputy Lord Mayor Melbourne

Business 3000+ Awards Launch

Launched by Arron Wood, Melbourne's annual B3000+ Awards recognises and celebrates the achievements of Businesses within the Municipality of Melbourne.

AI & Ethics

Human-Centric AI

Thursday 11 April 2019
The Hotel Windsor, Melbourne

accenturepurple_white - 10%.png

Investment in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing exponentially and the implications for business are significant.

From algorithmic bias to explainable AI and 'humans in the loop'
We explore how human user experience is central to success in the development and use of Artificial Intelligence....

Katherine Bailey
Senior Principal
Accenture Technology

Probir Geoffrey Dutt

Forum Facilitator

The Future of Customer Experience

Join our panel of Industry Specialists as we debate the issue of the Moral Code of AI and the disruption of the AI Evolution on Customer Experience... more information

Max-Petronio-e1516185810490-blackwhite (

Max Petronio

Head Winemaker

Wine Wednesday 
Introducing Petronio Wines

Learn wine evaluation techniques, how to improve your palate awareness and how to use appearance aroma and taste to accurately assess the character of wine

You will be guided through 9 Premium Petronio Wines

Enjoy a Splash | Relaxed Networking | Premium Wines


Major Brendan Nottle

Salvation Army

Christmas Celebrations 
Cheers, Canapes and Charity

Major Brendan Nottle shares insights into his work in Melbourne with The Salvation Army and Project 614.

To enhance your networking reach, we are bringing new faces and connections to our Christmas festivities as we partner with Melbourne Business Network to bring you the No 1 Melbourne Christmas Celebration.

Who we are

InterAct Melbourne is a B2B thought leadership networking and information sharing platform that facilitates connections for the Business Community across diverse industries and sectors.

We seek out thought leaders in the Business Community and bring high calibre speakers to the floor to discuss how disruption is affecting the Customer Experience and impacting Businesses today.

We hold quarterly, high quality Networking Lunch at premium Melbourne venues, where participants are invited from many and varied industry sectors to network and participate in the discussions around the topical business orientated issues affecting the Business Community.

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iSelect Case Study
Outsourcing to South Africa

Monday 22 October 2018
Quay West Suites Melbourne

Operating 7 sites across 6 countries

Utilising a proprietary Artificial Intelligence Platform

IQ, EQ and AI rolled into one!


The Service Revolution has seen the proliferation of direct channels and the exponential growth of the BPO industry.  Now the Digital Age is ensuring we are fit for purpose in servicing this new age.

Hear a first hand account of the iSelect Journey into outsourcing, offshoring while implementing the iConnect proprietary AI Platform.

Scott Wilson.jpeg
Scott Wilson

South African Delegation visit to Australia 21 - 24 October 2018

Interested in discussing offshore options to South Africa?
Introductions and tickets to the Networking Evening on 23 October 2018 

Register your interest now

Previous Networking Forums

Tech 4 VIC Banner_V2RR Parliament.jpg

Technology Manifesto for Victorian Government 2018-2022

Thursday 13 September 2018 

The Hotel Windsor, Melbourne   

Tech 4 VIC

InterAct Melbourne State Election Special

Interactive Breakfast Forum


On 24 November 2018 Victoria will hold elections to determine the direction and priorities of government until November 2022.

At the forefront of campaigns from all parties and candidates will be policy on Health, Education, Transport, Triple Zero and Social Services.

Every aspect of every element of every policy, will be both orchestrated and heavily dependent on technology.

Put simply, technology is in-arguably policy fuel and needs to be more than an afterthought in a manifesto or policy platforms.

Have your say in Victoria's IT Future!

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John O'Driscoll
Victorian Government
Chief Information Security Officer
Cyber-attacks are now automated and indiscriminate, exploiting known vulnerabilities rather than targeting specific organisations.
More Information

Friday 09 September 2017
The Hotel Windsor, Melbourne 

Tony Smales
CEO & Founder


Data Protection & Mandatory Breach Disclosure

Philip Dalidakis MP

Minister for Trade & Investment

Innovation & the Digital Economy

Taking CX to NEW Heights!

Thursday 12 April 2018

The RACV Club, Melbourne 

How will you stay ahead of the technology curve?

As hardware ends up in consumer hands at a faster rate than ever, CX Professionals need to consider 2018 as the testing ground for new heights that can be reached via Augmented and Virtual Reality.


Deloitte predicts that AR users will exceed 1 Billion in 2018. With this and the continued growth of online purchasing there is a huge opportunity for brands to utilise AR to engage with customers and sell more product.


Opening up new avenues for sales, service and brand exploration these technologies offer novel, unprecedented ways to capture and hold attention..

Ultimately, enhancing the Customer Experience!

Rupert Deans
CEO & Founder

Keeping yourself at the edge
Staying Relevant, Effective, In Demand!

Friday 01 December 2017
The Hotel Windsor, Melbourne 

More Information

So YOU Want to be in DEMAND?!

One of the most overlooked aspects of social media is the power of Your Brand.

Brands, Corporation, Organisations, Small, Medium and Large Businesses, are made up of humans.  Humans that affect your brand on a daily basis.

The question is, How do you and your business meet your objectives, goals, aspirations and intent to deliver your ‘value proposition’?

Christopher Savage
Managing Director
The Savage Co

Service NSW |  Digital Transformation | Customer Experience

Under the covers with Australia's largest Digital CX Transformation Project!

Friday 09 September 2017
The Hotel Windsor, Melbourne 

ServiceNSW Logo_Refined.jpg

Referred to as the ‘architect’ of Service NSW

As Deputy CEO Steve Griffin, managed the largest transformation project of its time. While Service NSW has become a digital exemplar to governments around the world, its success did not come from utilising new and emerging technologies – rather enhancing the human interactive experience!

More Information

2017 08 09_Steve Griffin_Pic.png
Steve Griffin
Deputy CEO
Service NSW

AI & Robotics | Will it deliver for CX?

Thursday 01 June 2017
RACV City Club, Melbourne 

Automation has already become the next revolution in Customer Operations

With the potential to reduce cost and increase efficiencies RPA is one of the most talked about technologies in the boardroom.

Add Artificial Intelligence (AI) and increased focus on Customer eXperience (CX), recognising and managing the transformation that RPA brings is vital to any customer facing organisation.

Delivering the full benefits of RPA requires effective combination of Customer eXperience design, congitive and automation technology, and integration into customer operations.

Russell Ives-accenture_HeadShot.jpg
Russel Ives
Managing Director
Accenture Operations
Australia and NZ
Robotics Process Automation is impacting the CX industry!
Inaugural Event

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